Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Dice Probabilities

2014 Apr 02, Timid Robot Zehta


Each of the graphs below was created by simulating 100,000 dice rolls for each die in each graph (400,000 to 900,000 rolls per graph and 6,000,000 total rolls). The work was inspired by A Treatise on Different Dice-rolling Mechanics in RPGs. The graphs were created using TimidRobot/rpgdice · GitHub.


The 2nd line of the title is an attempt to describe the dice simulated. They are shown in the top left corner of the graph.

While Despair and Triumph do not cancel each other out, Despair is graphed to the left of zero to maintain its sinister meaning.

Probabilties below 0.5% were discarded.

  1. Graph: Unskilled PC vs Averge Difficulty
  2. Graph: Unskilled PC vs Hard Difficulty
  3. Graph: Unskilled PC vs Advesary NPC
  4. Graph: Talented PC vs Average Difficulty
  5. Graph: Talented PC vs Hard Difficulty
  6. Graph: Talented PC vs Advesary NPC
  7. Graph: Pro PC vs Average Difficulty
  8. Graph: Pro PC vs Hard Difficulty
  9. Graph: Pro PC vs Advesary NPC