Name Change

2012 Sep 12, Timid Robot Zehta

My legal name, Timid Robot Zehta, was chosen by me and changed via court order.


Q. What do you prefer to be called?

Please call me by my nickname (my first and middle name):

  • Nickname: Timid Robot
  • Legal Name: Timid Robot Zehta
  • Pronouns: they/them/theirs
  • Honorific: Mx

Q. When did you change your name?

2012 September.

Q. What are your previous names?

The name assigned to me at birth was Timothy Robert Wheeler. For a few years prior to 2012, it was Timothy Robert Baldoni.

Q. Why Timid?

I can be quiet while I observe the world around me. However, I'm not without courage. It takes a lot of confidence to exist as myself in this world. Like "Little John" from the animated Robin Hood (1973), it's a bit of a joke.

As someone who currently exists in a large assumed-masculine frame, it is good to declare myself as un-violent. It was also very important to disassociate myself with a name that professes belief.

Q. Why Robot?

I really like it. It fills me with delight--especially as part of "Timid Robot". I have a very small amount of regret that I gave up a name that reflected my germanic heritage, but Robot fits so well. It is non-binary and is also a way of me reclaiming the ableism that is too often directed autistics. Domo arigato!

Q. Why Zehta?

It comes from the SI prefix "zetta-", meaning a sextillion of something. That's a big number. It starts with "Z", making it easy to find my name on lists. It is short and I could secure the domain name. Also see Zetta- - Wikipedia.

Q. You based your selection of a surname on available domain names?

Yes, most of my world is connected to the Internet--most of my favorite things. There are no 4 character domain names left (except expired ones being resold at a high cost).


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